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We are a family that has lived in Cheboygan for 30+ years and have always wanted to give back to our small town. We are so excited to operate a business for all Cheboyganites and passersby. 

Meet The Team

Alex Mazur

Chief Financial Officer

Before the age of 30 Alex had already established himself as a successful businessman by starting his own real estate business in metro-Detroit. Though he certainly did not need it for his success, he later graduated from Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Alex is currently the owner of three successful small businesses and real-estate throughout Michigan. An engineer by trade and at heart, no detail goes missed by Alex. His sixth sense for a good investment and attention to minutiae makes him the busy bee our hive needs!

Christine King

Chief Executive Officer

Christine spent 30 years as a public school teacher, largely in Cheboygan and today represents teachers as a Uniserv Director for the Michigan Education Association. She served on Cheboygan’s Diversity Committee and currently serves on tthe Planning Commission . Christine’s experiences as a public servant have allowed her to hone her skills as a mover, shaker, and motivator. She is passionate about enriching the community, and this is evident in what Christine is planning for the Hive -- a place where locals and tourists can come together, enjoy a glass of mead, and share great stories.

Eleanor King

Chief Operations Officer

Dr. King’s role as Chief Operations Officer is a natural fit. As a faculty member at Wayne State University School of Medicine, family physician and Medical Director of a busy clinic, Dr. King understands the importance of an effective organizational structure. In business this means creating opportunities for all the stakeholders to capitalize on their unique skills and abilities. Additionally, Dr. King believes that efficiency and productivity are the cornerstones of success, making her a crucial part of the company’s future.

Ben King

Legal Council

We are very fortunate to have a talented attorney as a member of our team. Ben serves as official Legal Counsel to Hive North. He is a current associate attorney at a labor law-firm, and is passionate about using his expertise to better his community. Mr. King uses his profound work ethic to strengthen our company by researching and presenting the legalities of running a successful family business and ensuring that all stakeholders have an equal say in how the company is run. Mr. King is also an active beekeeper, and his expertise in “all things honey,” keeps us knowledgeable and informed about our product. 

Sam King

Director of Community Engagement

Sam has decades of experience as both a musician and public servant. Before retiring, Sam served as the children's librarian for the Cheboygan Public Library where he founded the Cheboygan Ukulele Society (a weekly community jam session for ukulele enthusiasts). Sam's experiences as a musician have given him a unique set of skills and make him a valuable Hive North team member. His passion for music naturally lends itself to organizing community events like open mic nights, concerts, and mead/cider tastings.

Hannah King

Director of Marketing & PR

Hannah King is a rising star in the field of digital promotion.  Her cutting edge creativity as The Director of Digital Organizing for the Michigan Democratic Party has put her name at the forefront of Michigan's political scene.  (If she can sell a political party, think what she could do for a small town meadhall and ciderhouse!)  An artist in all mediums, Hannah and her unique and colorful designs are vital in generating the "buzz" for Hive North.

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